Fully Engineered Polypropylene GD


GreeNfloat DAF- made of polypropylene - GDPP

With collaboration with www.theplast.com

CEQUESTA WATER designs and supplies small to medium flow range of highly sophisticated GD (GreeNfloat DAF) fabricated in circular and rectangular shapes, all made from PP or PE.


The supplied GD is a fully pre engineered and operational WWTP,  containing all required systems, like Flocculator, pumps, accessories and control hardware, ready to work in minutes.





·Easy to fabricate

·Low weight

·Fully automatic

·Excellent anti corrosion

·Very high separation efficiency

·Low cost DAF pumps

·Low chemical consumption

·Dry sludge

·Effluent and sludge are discharged by gravity

·Very small foot print

·Short delivery time

·Low cost

Recent applications:


Oils separation, food and beverage, plastic recycling, paints, inks, resins, parts washing, metal finishing, PCB, semi conductors, dairies and livestock manure and others.



Popular sizes, fully engineered, piped and wired, shipped inside a standard container:




greenfloat daf-pp


Typical process diagram: