GreenFloat - Advance DAF Technology

The GreenFloat DAF is a versatile circular DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation) system that provides very high separation efficiency at relatively low cost.  The prime principle is the "counter current" flow that assures premium solids capture.
greenfloat daf_s

GreenFloat DAF is offered in various options:

~ Circulation  - from zero (full flow) to above 100%

~ Bubbles size control

~ No chemical operation (subject to testing)

~ Hydraulic sludge removal without any moving parts

~ Scarper sludge removal for > 10%DS


We build DAFs from various material to suit any applications; FRP, PP, SS and carbon steel.


 GreenFloat  - Typical flow diagram;

greenfloat  - typical flow diagram_s





In the flocculation process is important to develop the optimal flocs structure at minimal flocculent consumption.

Popular pipe Flocculator design is similar for many suppliers, their effectiveness dependents on the flow regime, residence time and precise flow speed.

Cequesta Water mechanical Flocculators  are highly efficient as they are actually tuned by controlling the mixing intensity, therefore our flocs are stronger, amended to floatation at extremely efficiencies, many times close to 100%.   



greenfloat daf_1_s   



We have installed over 50 GreeNfloat DAFs for paper, pulp, textile, paint, printing, food (various), metal treatment, drinking water, municipal waste water treatment plants, grey water, Animal farms (pigs and dairies), oil recycling, and many more.



Another advantage is that we can build the most powerful DAF unit from used vessels - lowering your costs and helping our planet!


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