Hybrid GreenFloat DAF (HGD)

Hybrid GreenFloat DAF (HGD) is our new and advanced - versatile water treatment technology.


Cequesta water has 25 year of experience in design and installation of circular COCO DAFs (counter current Dissolved Air Flotation).

The advantages of COCO DAFs are numerous: Higher rates 10-20 m/hour; enhanced flocs capture in bubble blanket; reduced flocs damage; reduced flocculation times; smaller footprint and lower capital cost.

Naturally, this technology is seen more with circular vessels and when encountering large flows this approach can limit the attractiveness of the technology.

We at Cequesta Water, developed the solution for this limitation and now offer  low rectangular profile design, enabling more compact solutions, suitable for any transportation means.

Technology – counter current air floatation with integrated media post filtration.



Cequesta Water’s HGD is very compact, fully integrated clarification, water and wastewater treatment plant.   HGD can be deployed in a very short time.

This Hybrid “counter current” DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation) technology assures multiple benefits:

- Very high flow along with high separation efficiency assures:

- Filtration efficiencies - > 95%

- Sludge dryness -  to 10%

- Ultra small footprint

- All weather installation

- A robust design with minor customization allows us to offer very attractive prices

- Mobility – the HGD is shipped, fully ready, packed in a standard ISO container

- Start and stop operation per inflow availability

- High flow –  from 100 cum/hr unit (fit 20' container)

to 400 cum/hr (fit one 40' and one 20' container ),

see table below



Our Hybrid GreenFloat DAF is suited for a variety of markets including:

RO pretreatment; Energy sector; primary and tertiary municipal WWTP;  surface water drinking water; mining and more.





For detailed HGD 100 - Specifications and Pricing


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