Engineering Division


Cequesta Water Engineering Division is pleased to offer its services for engineering solutions for complicated sludge and wastewater treatment situations.

With this service you enjoy the benefit of our technical expertise and our rich experience in multiple sites and solutions.  Cequesta Water Engineering Division has no strings of commitment to the ASP product so customers receive an innovative and creative engineering solution, yet practical and abiding by all constraints including budgets.


Our customers:

End users like food processing companies, engineering firms, equipment suppliers who require solutions for complicated sludge and wastewater treatment situations (For a detailed list of our areas of expertiseplease see the table below).


Mode of operation:

As requested, from design and support to full turnkey.


Design and support scheme:

Upon receiving an inquiry, we review and various aspects and decide whether we have an added value to offer the customer.  Assuming a positive answer, we offer our conceptual solution and budgetary cost considering the project location and available resources.

We charge for engineering and support activity; arriving at the site upon works completion and assistance in commissioning.


We supply:

~Process design

~Mechanical, civil and electrical design disciplines, including details




~List of equipment and suppliers

~Control scheme and logic

~Negotiation with suppliers

~Active support

~Lab analysis and in-house data base




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Our customers enjoy our experience with more than 70 projects worldwide by sharing our knowledge and specific data, including historical lab analysis.

For more information on our Engineering Division – please contact us.


Our Projects

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Two examples for P&ID and related layout


Cooling towers, tritiary effluent treament for gas fire powerplant

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pid 2_s


P&ID for pigs manure treatment and related layout

pid 3_s

pid 4_s