Current Projects

In our growing market of sludge dewatering and wastewater treatment systems, Cequesta Water is using its expertise in diversified ways that we find fascinating. In this page we highlight some of our latest projects; we hope you will find them interesting as well.


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Continuing with the "Palm Oil Mill effluent" (POME) WWTP construction in Africa, our role is design, provide technical support and technology providers, this is a long term project.


Pigs Manure

A plant for the treatment of manure in one of the former Soviet Union State is ready for installation; the plant will treat the manure in a new farm of 140,000 pigs. The commissioning will take place as soon as the weather will get a little warmer.

Second plant -Cequesta Water was commissioned todesign a second pig’s manure treatment plant in the same country, but double the size.


Construction at client site, first plant:


Plastic Recycling

Shredding of plastic waste, with a water washing phase;  Cequesta designed the wastewater recycling plant, modified a scraped SS tank into a GreeNfloat DAF, and BBSDU for sludge dewatering. The system will be operated inline, providing clean water 24 hr.


The GreeNfloat DAF before transportation to customer site:


Well rehabilitation for drinking water in the center of Israel

A pilot program, as part of a national initiative for the rehabilitating of contaminated ground water with perchlorate and other explosive chemical residues, Cequesta Water was commissioned to supply the GreenFloat DAF for this unique program.

The commission is scheduled for May 2014.


                        In fabrication                                                   Working