Applications - Filter Press Replacement

Filter Press is a traditional technology for handling sludge dewatering, suffering from intensive labor requirement, Filter Press users are looking for better alternatives.

There are applications where this technology can't easily be replaced, like fine minerals production, that still tolerates Filter Press drawbacks, but for most of the small to medium applications Cequesta Water can offer a viable alternative.

Each Filter Press installation requires careful pre-engineering including process, mechanical, electrical and civil, on the other hand the ASP is completely a pre-engineered system; this alone saves about $15,000 per project, making the ASP project less expensive than manual Filter Press.


The main advantages of ASP over the Filter Press:

Fully automatic (7/24)

Very low consumables                       

Efficient to dewater oily and fatty sludge    

Suitable for wastewater treatment            

Clean surrounding                                       

Lighter construction, easy to relocate         

Smaller foot print 

asp replace filter press_s

ASP in front of the replaced Filter Press

a biological sludge dewatering application


One ASP is equal to about 800 litersmanual Filter Press