Application - Biological sludge

Small to large size Municipalities and industrial WWTP (wastewater treatment plant) have a continuous need for new and updated solutions for sludge handling equipment under budget constraints during installation and operation. Cequesta Water ASP was designed with these requirements in mind.

asp bio sludge_s


Cequesta water ASP is designed to dewater secondary sludge derived from a variety of biological processes (AC, MBR, MBBR, RBC, SBR, aerobically digested, etc.), especially for small to medium size communities and WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plants).  ASP capacity is up to about 15000pe per one installed ASP, for municipal WWTP.

Other categories of municipal sludge that the ASP is suitable for is sand filters backwash following clarification of drinking water.  This sludge is usually produced from Physiochemical purification of surface water, like rivers dams, and lakes, storage lagoons, etc.


Typical sludge dewatering ASP installation for extended aeration WWTP, in a touristic region

asp bio sludge 2_s



Sludge from extended aeration

sludge from extended aeration_s


Sludge from SBR

sludge from sbr_s

The following are the principal advantages of our products:

- Plug and play - ASP is designed for very simple and low cost installation

- Minimal infrastructure preparation -  considerable cost saving

- 24/7 operation with low maintenance or operator intervention

- Low energy consumption


The ASP is also  effective at dewatering various agricultural and industrial sludge.