Application - Industrial Sludge

Industrial sludge is characterized by its varied plural types; from drinking water sand filters backwash to very fatty food sludge, meat processing, heavy metals sludge, hydroxide sludge, DAF sludge from variety of sources, printing (boxboard printing), paint, resins, electronic, wafers processing, pulp and papers, textile, anaerobic sludge and others.

The ASP technology of metal screening and internal cleaning mechanism, at the end of each cycle, provides good solutions to all of the above cases.  Added to this is the control system which enabling us to tune the operational parameters for a large variety of the sludge types.

The ASP for industrial sludge works in the same way as for biological sludge; the difference is the parameters we select for industrial sludge dewatering. The internal controller is fitted with an MMI screen and keyboard, enabling us to tune parameters such as:  pressing time, downloading time, cleaning time, chemical dosages, and provide a powerful tool to deal with almost any type of sludge.

typical set up_sl

Principal process diagram, ASP classic


The ASP is also effective in dewatering  agricultural and biological sludge.


The following are the principal advantages of our products:

- Plug and play-  the product is designed for simple and low cost installation.

- Minimal infrastructure preparation- process, mechanical, civil or electrical engineering are not needed resulting in an installation costs saving.

- 24/7, non-stop day and night "on demand" operation with low maintenance or operator intervention.