Dairy Farm - Spain

Customer: Tauste www.tausteganadera.com

Business: Dairy farm, milking center WWTP

Year: 2006

Location: Tauste, Spain 


Influent is generated from CIP of the milking center and mix with cows manure.


3 m GreeNfloat DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation), with centrifugal sludge dewatering.

Inlet parameters:

Flow: 15 m3hr

COD: 4000-7000 mgl

TSS: 2000-5000 mgl

Outlet parameters:

COD: 50-70% reduction

TSS:  90-98 % reduction

Sludge consistency

- after the GreeNfloat: 10% DS

Sludge dryness

-  after the decanter: 23% DS