ASP at Costa Baja, Mexico


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Application                            : Dewatering of secondary sludge

Municipal WWTP                  : Extended aeration

Operator                               : Impel

Commissioning date             : May 2011

Flow per day, m3                  : 1500 - 4500 – touristic area

Sludge quantity per day, kg :  150 – 400 kg, at 1-2 DS%

Sludge dryness, DS%           :  > 20


The story:

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The WWTP in Costa Baja was originally equipped with a manual filter press (see photo ) operating at very low output and generating liquid sludge. The local operators 

faced severe operational problem.

Impel decided to buy the ASP in order to replace the Filter Press.






The ASP was installed by Impel - following our manuals and email instructions. Cequesta Water arrived at the plant in the afternoon and following a short visit worked with the local crew to make a few minor changes, mostly concerning the sludge and polymer feed.

In the morning we performed a dry run and encountered power supply problems. Throughout the day Cequesta Water technician performed a few simulations with the existing polymer at the time (old and not optimum).

In the evening, the power supply problems have been solved and the process started running the next morning. The press worked quite smoothly and the fine tuning lasted for approximately two hours.


Cequesta Water trained the local staff and left the site the same day.

Since then the ASP works very well and in accordance with the designed parameters. The local crew has done a wonderful job operating and maintaining the ASP with no additional support.


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ASP replaced the Filter Press

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