Casino Village Case Study

 Casino Village,  located in Northern New South Whales – Australia, required onsite sewage treatment for a private development on the site of what was the local aerodrome.  
The intended use for the development was for a recreational vehicle park combined with a large scale mobile home village.

Part of the project was to process the wasted sludge from the SBR treatment.

The selection of the ASP sludge press was based on: 
  • ASP's ability to handle varying loads
  • Automatic control
  • Minimal service supply such as power and air
  • No conveyor required for the collection of the cake


The unit was installed in January 2009 and put into commission in April 2009. After a trial to determine the correct polymer the plant ran automatically with pleasing results.

ASP Sludge Press

Feed pump:

Mono progressive cavity

casino village cs 2_s
Through put: 1.5m3/hr
Output: 37.5 kg/hr @ 20%


 casino village cs 3_s