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On Nov 08,  Cequesta Water installed an ASP (Automated Sludge Press ) in Gan-Yavne (Israel) municipal WWTP, for a temporary period, until the permanent dewatering solution will be ready to operate.

The WWTP serves communities of around 30,000 inhabitants in total, and several industrial areas.

The plant is an extended aeration activate sludge, with a total daily flow of 4000-5000 m3.

The sludge treatment consists of aerobic digestion of about 30 days and a gravity circular thickener, the excess sludge is disposed by tankers, every few days.

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In order to reduce transportation and liquid sludge treatment costs, the ASP was installed.

Installation took two working days, with ASP connected directly to the mixing line between the thickener and the digester.

The press worked for 18 months at 15-20% DS output, and 15 m3/day (one shift).

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