ASP - Product Description

ASP (Automated Sludge Press) a prepackaged, pre-engineered, compact and automatic dewatering solution for various types of sludge.

The press is composed of five main subsystems:

(A) Support Frame

A stainless steel supporting frame for long service life. This frame supports the press chamber to allow the cake receiving vessel (skip or bag) to be positioned directly under the press chamber thus negating the need for conveyors (conveyor is optional).

(B) Filtration and dewatering chamber

- Wedge wire cylinder screen

- Pneumatic pressing diaphragm (internal)

- Dry sludge scraper (internal)

- Cleaning mechanism

- Chamber bottom sealing mechanism (internal)

(C) Process accessories

- Filling pump

- Flocculent dosing pump

- Flocculator

- Transfer Pipe

- Cleaning boosting pump

- Valves

- Sensors

(D) Pneumatic actuators & control

- Pneumatic (standards) pistons

- Pneumatic valves

(E) Electrical Controls

- PLC controller

- Limit switches

- Electrical control components i.e.: relays, contactors, timers, sensors, etc..

automated sludge press asp product description

The press works on a batching cycle principle, controlled by a sophisticated controller.

The program enables the operator to readily change parameters in order to optimize the press operation, increase the throughput or alter the output dryness according to the actual specific sludge being processed.

The controller is featured with the following options:




- Auxiliary pump for filtrate pumping

- Extra dosing pump

- pH control

- Boosting pump connection

- Automatic CIP

- Operation on demand (from level sensing from holding tank)

- Operation by timer (to start and stop automatically)

- Remote monitoring (interact with telemetry)

- Alarms monitoring (interact with telemetry or SMS)


Safety control: The PLC program includes a diagnostic feature that will prevent any faulty operation and allows the operator to fix the problems easily and safely. If a problem occurs, within the cycle, the press will cease operation and an alarm will sound.


The ASP (Automatic Sludge Press) is fully automated, leaving the controller only to supply the sludge source as an inlet tank or pipe, etc. When there is not enough sludge, the press will remain in "Stand By" mode until the next activation.