BIG BAG Sludge Dewatering Unit - BBSDU

 Cequesta Water is offering a practical, low cost, automatic and effective sludge dewatering solution to deal with low volumes of municipal and industrial sludge.

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Small industrial and municipal WWTP

that produce up to 100 kg dry solids per day.

How it works;

The sludge to be treated is fed, by an air-diaphragm pump, into a specially designed up flow reactor, togetherwith a flocculating agent. The reactor is designed to create superior coagulation and flocculation reaction, so that the flocculated sludge, when transferred by gravitation to the dewatering bag, is easily dewatered.

Excess water from the dewatering process is drained through the specially designed bag fabric into a sump beneath it, while the dewatered sludge is retained inside the bag.

When the bag is filled with dewatered sludge, it is easily removed from the apparatus by a single operator, and serves as the final disposal container for the dewatered sludge. A new bag is then placed in the apparatus, and the dewatering process can continue.



- Simple to operate

- Low energy consumption

- Low maintenance requirements

- Automatic start-stop according to sludge availability

- Single operator required for periodic replacement of sludge bags

We offer a kit, one hour installation;

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BBSDU for the comestic industry

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